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John Taylor In the Pleasure Groove

John Taylor: In the Pleasure Groove (2012)

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Für seine Band Duran Duran hat John Taylor einige der größten Songs unserer Zeit geschrieben, von der Disko-Debüt-Single Planet Earth über die Musik für den James Bond-Film Im Angesicht des Todes und den Klassiker Wild Boys bis zu ihrem letzten Nr.-1-Album All You Need is Now. Duran Duran haben immer schon Musik gemacht, die direkt in die Beine geht. Dabei gehören die Stars des New Wave zu den Protagonisten der New Romantic-Welle Anfang der 1980er Jahre. John Taylor wurde in den Leserumfragen der Teeniemagazine auf der ganzen Welt in den 1980er-Jahren zum Sexiest Male Popstar Alive gewählt.Zum ersten Mal erzählt John Taylor selbst die unglaubliche Geschichte seiner Band, die Geschichte von Träumen, die wahr wurden, aber auch von Alkohol, Drogen und den vielen Schattenseite des Show-Business. Als schüchterner kleiner Junge war er nicht gerade prädestiniert für eine Karriere als Popstar und geriet sogar in Panik, wenn Mädchen in seiner Nähe auftauchten. Aber als Nigel John Taylor seinen ersten Vornamen wegließ, zur Bassgitarre griff und mit seinem Freund Nick Rhodes die Band Duran Duran aufbaute, da änderte sich sein Leben gewaltig. Roger Taylor, dann Andy Taylor (beide nicht mit ihm verwandt) und zuletzt Sänger Simon Le Bon vervollständigten die Band. Gemeinsam erlebten sie eine atemberaubende Erfolgsgeschichte, und Poster mit ihren Fotos hingen plötzlich in den Zimmern von Millionen Teenies weltweit. In dieser Autobiografie spricht John Taylor offen und ehrlich über die vielen Höhen (Abhängen mit Ikonen wie Bowie, Warhol und sogar James Bond; Dates mit Vogue-Models; schnelle Autos), aber auch über die Tiefpunkte seiner Karriere, in der er am Rand der Selbstzerstörung stand. Humorvoll und selbstironisch geschrieben und mit vielen exklusiven Fotos ist dieses Buch ein Zeitdokument der 80er Jahre und gleichzeitig das faszinierende Selbstporträt einer Ikone des New Wave.

Wild Boy - My Life in Duran Duran

Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran (2008)

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Wild Boy is the explosive first inside account of the rise and fall of Duran Duran. The band rose to conquer the globe with a string of unforgettable hits such as "Rio,""Hungry Like the Wolf," and "The Reflex." With Simon Le Bon as their frontman, they were the defining pop act of the 1980s, but Andy Taylor, the enigmatic lead guitarist, is widely acknowledged to have been their musical driving force. Then, at the very height of their achievement in 1985, Duran Duran imploded. Now Andy shares the story of what went wrong. With searing honesty, he charts every moment of Duran Duran's roller-coaster rise from their early days as club musicians through to international superstardom. He captures the glamour and excitement of the band's epic video shoots and the opulence of their world tours. He reveals the truth about the allegations of drug abuse and wild hedonism that dogged Duran Duran. Packed with more than twenty-five years worth of rock 'n' roll anecdotes, Andy tells of his time in the band The Power Station, and explains why Duran Duran reformed with its original line-up in 2003. But Wild Boy is also a moving story on a human level, as Andy describes how the pressures of fame took a terrible personal toll on him and his family. Moving from hilarious to harrowing at the turn of a page, WILD BOY is a must-read for anyone who lived through the 1980s, or who cares about music.


Notorious (2005)

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Never before has a biography documented their remarkable story from their humble beginnings at the Rumrunner club in Birmingham - then fronted by Stephen Duffy who will speak exclusively to the author - their rise to fame and enviable rock 'n' roll lifestyle touring the world and partying with supermodels, their split in 1985, to the ensuing drug addictions, alcoholism, periods in rehab, nervous breakdowns, and Simon le Bon's near-death experience when his boat overturned during the Fastnet yacht race in 1985. Now after the fashion disasters, battles with age, weight and hair gel, the original line-up has reformed. A new album 'Astronaut' is being released, followed by a world tour. Influencing such bands as The Strokes, and aligning themselves with established bands such as U2, the Chili Peppers and the Stones, Duran Duran's passion for music will allow them to add a brand new chapter to their already spectacular career. Notorious will undoubtedly be one of the most colourful, gripping and highly entertaining music biographies published in 2005.


Unseen (2005)

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Duran Duran Unseen is a rare collection of photographs by Paul Edmond that captures the essence of the post-punk glamour scene in the industrial English city of Birmingham in the early 1980s – including the rise of one of its most successful global exports, the pop band Duran Duran. Paul Edmond’s distinctive style is best described as glamour reportage, with an uncanny ability for catching the moment, delving just below the image his subjects so desperately want to project without losing the magic. His pictures are both immediate and unmistakeably of their period, sometimes funny and often poignant.


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